Some of Larry's technical stuff on do-it-yourself speakers, amps and such, kindly hosted by the folks at Shavano Music Online:

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A Speaker Cabinet Project in Words and Pictures - our current PA speakers, from raw plywood and drivers to the finished product.  We used these at an outdoor gig in February and very nearly knocked over a brick building a block away.  Discussions of construction techniques, impedance matching, piezo tweeters, carpet covering, and so on. (73541 bytes)

Ampzilla, a nearfield monitor/amplified speaker combo - sounds like thunder and gives Larry something to hide behind.  Includes discussions of spray-on coverings, amp-in-cabinet designs, nearfield monitors, stuff like that.


Speaker Design - a discussion of how speakers work, and how to select the right one for rock'n'roll.

Adding Subwoofers to your PA - all about biamplification and electronic crossovers and speakers that can extinguish a candle from across the room.

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Build Your Own Rack Cases - how to save a few bucks and get what you want.

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A Stereo Guitar Cabinet - a new toy for Mark.